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The company was founded in 1940 and worked in the trade of importing armored iron safes from the United Kingdom and France, which was characterized by its global quality resistance to fire with steel raw materials

The company's import activity was expanded to include East Asia (Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and China), which accounted for approximately 35% of the domestic market in the trade of armored, fireproof and high security safes

Our Products

fully conforms to international standards

Kotamy Safes

Kotamy Safes
Elnile Kotamy Safes with push button electronic digital lock (EDL) offer comfort, convenience, reliability and peace of mind

MK Safes

MK Safes
MK Safes is an Excellent fireproof safe with combination lock has fire resistance function. It is designed with integrated relocker

Booil Safes

Booil Safes
BOOIL SAFES utilizes specially formulated bubble concrete to provide best insulation against intense heat

Bill Counters

Bill Counters
Bill counting machines are a great option for any business, large or small, looking for ways to streamline their cash handling process

Hotel Safes

Hotel Safes
For seven decades Our electronic hotel room safes meet the specifications of every major hotel brand in the world

Cash drawer

Cash drawer
Our high and medium duty cash drawers are built to last. Quality components and durable steel ensure effortless performance

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Nile Foundation for safes is One of the oldest companies in importing and trading of iron safes in Egypt and the Middle East

The company is known for its skilled technical workers in the maintenance and repair of all types of safes

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